Why connect your Web3 wallet?

On Console, you can log in using over a hundred Web3 wallets, including MetaMask, Rainbow, Ledger, Trust Wallet, Leather, and any WalletConnect-compatible wallet.

But why?

Benefits for using a web3 wallet:

  1. Ownership of Your Account: Logging in with a Web3 wallet means you own the private keys to your account. This is important for users who prioritize their privacy and control over their identity, preferring not to use email or phone numbers. On Console, the choice to own your keys is yours. The trade-off is convenience; accessing your account requires having your wallet handy, which might not be as straightforward as receiving a text message.

  2. Use Your ENS Universal Identifier: For those with an ENS name, you can secure your account identity with your universal web name. For example, I'm castig.eth. By linking my wallet and ENS on Console, I can use my universal identifier, ensuring a unique presence.

  3. Display Your Onchain Data: Connecting your wallet allows Console to showcase your wallet's NFTs on your profile page. NFTs can express your interests and style. A personalized gallery also highlights your uniqueness. At Console, we plan to leverage this onchain data in our spam filters to enhance user experience.

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