Proudly crafting a TrustLess future

At the core of our philosophy, Console is built on the foundation of "TrustLess" design, which emphasizes five key pillars. These pillars are designed to minimize the need for personal information and reduce potential points of failure, ultimately protecting user freedom, autonomy, and rights.

Here's a closer look at our five critical pillars:

  1. Decentralized Name Registry - Reducing reliance on centralized systems for identity verification.

  2. Decentralized Network - Ensuring that communications and connections are not controlled by a single entity.

  3. Decentralized Storage - Keeping user data spread across multiple locations to enhance security and privacy.

  4. Openly Transparent Source Code - Allowing anyone to review our codebase to ensure integrity and trustworthiness.

  5. End-to-End Encryption - Guaranteeing that conversations remain private and secure from end to end.

Some of these pillars are already integrated into Console, laying the groundwork for a secure and user-friendly experience. Others are goals we're actively working towards, with a commitment to achieving a more "TrustLess" environment.

Our journey is ongoing, and we're excited about the future we're building together. Here you can see our progress:

1. Decentralized name registry:

  1. Support for ENS: Console supports the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Bitcoin Name Service (BNS), and Lens usernames enabling users to verify their account ownership through unique names. For example, the ownership of "castig.eth" can be verified across all applications, including Console. This unique identification method enhances security and user confidence.

  2. Exploration for support of community ownership: We are exploring a model similar to Substack for community owners, allowing them to gather email addresses for community access. This model promotes a closer and more direct relationship between community owners and their audience.

  3. Flexible login options: While we encourage the use of public/private web wallet keys for added security, we also provide traditional login options via phone number and email. Users have the flexibility to start with phone number login and later secure their account further with a web wallet. Moreover, we offer the ability to consolidate multiple web wallets, enabling users to access and manage their Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets through a single Console account. This feature addresses the challenge of managing multiple wallets by offering a unified, convenient access point.

2. Decentralized Network

  1. Built on Matrix: Console is built upon, an open network that facilitates decentralized communication, ensuring a secure and open environment for our users. As alternative options like XMTP, and Farcaster mature, it’s possible we would consider integrating bridges, or alternative network support for these technologies. We could do this today, it would be quite easy. But in this case we are putting our energy into supporting the user journey because Matrix presently provides promise for sufficient decentralization.

  2. Server infrastructure: Currently, we host our services centrally on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to conduct experiments aimed at enhancing our app. However, we're exploring decentralized options to increase user autonomy.

  3. Home server access: Selected beta customers and enterprise clients have the opportunity to host their data on their own home servers, granting them greater control over their information.

3. Storage Details

  1. Onchain and crypto data ownership: Users own their onchain data, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocols). Each user of Console is assigned an Ethereum wallet address, ensuring ownership of all digital assets earned on Console.

  2. Beta and enterprise options: Selected beta customers and enterprise clients have the option to host their data on their own home servers.

  3. Chat data storage: All chat data is stored on a Synapse server provided by Matrix, hosted on Hetzner. Options for storing your own data are available via Matrix.

  4. Tech stack storage: The entire technology stack is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  5. Community Activity: We are contemplating transitioning community activities to Farcaster hubs as they evolve, focusing on casts.

4. Open Source Strategy

  1. Open Source Commitment: We are committed to utilizing open source software whenever it meets the high standards our users expect for a superior experience.

  2. Source Code Release: We are considering when to release the source code for Console, as well as which license we'll chose. At the moment we are strongly considering the Business Source License (BSL), and open to feedback from the Console community. Alternatively, we may release our front end code under MIT, and backend under BSL. (more to come)

5. End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

  • Beta Release of E2EE: Console has launched end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in beta for certain users, covering direct messages and private groups. (coming soon)

  • Encryption for Audio and Video: Encryption for audio and video communications is powered by LiveKit, ensuring that these communications are secured. (coming soon)

As we evolve, we understand the importance of gradual implementation. We highly value and encourage your feedback throughout this journey. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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