Airdrop tokens to all your community members

All Console users have a default Console Wallet

Every user on Console is given a default ethereum wallet. At anytime you can export your wallet's private keys to MetaMask (or any wallet provider) and leave Console with your tokens. Read more How to use your default Console wallet

Use the default Console Wallet to airdrop tokens

Airdrop to the Default Console Wallet: The default address can be utilized for airdropping NFTs and/or other tokens.

How to export all wallet addresses:

As an admin, you have the capability to export a list of all wallet addresses within your community. Navigate to Members -> Download CSV.

This provides you with a default list of all public wallets.

Note: these addresses are already public! We're simply helping you gather them all into one convenient CSV file. From there, you can use other tools to assist in airdropping tokens to your community.

Coming soon: Console Airdrops 2.0

Our current solution is merely an early prototype. In the near future, you will have the ability to collect far more nuanced data about your users. Upcoming use cases include:

  • Exporting a list of STX wallets from those who attended my Console live space.

  • Offering a discounted price on event tickets based on the loyalty POAPs collected in a user's wallet.

  • Automatically airdropping tokens to everyone in your Console community.

There are many more exciting developments on the horizon! What use cases would you like to see? Please email us your ideas at

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