Why we built Console

Console is an all-in-one community platform for creators and events.

We were craving something simpler, more welcoming, and far more personal. Plus, because we deeply care about user privacy and ownership rights, we also wanted to experiment with building on Trust Less principles.

That's why we've come together to create Console. We're pouring our hearts into this project and truly hope it resonates with you. Can't wait for you to join us on this exciting journey!

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance genuine interactions within communities.

Simplicity is key

Console offers everything your community needs: group chat, a member directory, and a feed of all your community’s latest activity.

And we’re just getting started.

Console is rolling out a suite of add-ons so community leaders can customize Console to their needs. Want group chat with event ticketing, and a newsletter? We’ve got you covered. Want group chat with membership tiers, and live streaming video? Yes you can.

With one platform, we offer a universe of possibilities.

All that, while building on principles of decentralization, privacy, openness, and trust.

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